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Questions + Answers

Why should I consider hiring Anter Images for my wedding?

Three reasons: 1) Experience. 2) Storytelling approach. 3) Stunning wedding images. (Read below for more details on each -- and visit the "Why Anter Images" tab, too.) Oh, and there's a fourth: I'm a really great guy who'll respect your wishes and your time, but also direct things when necessary. In the end, I want you to feel that you've gained 10x the value of what you've paid me.


How much experience does Anter Images have?

I am old-school trained, but new world updated, taking in-person classes with industry masters, including with Scott Robert Lim, a Sony Artisan, Kodak Award winner and voted one of the world's Top 10 Most Influential Photographers. I also learned wedding photography during the "film days." Why is that important? With film, the photographer had to have 100% confidence that the image was not only captured, but also precisely exposed, composed correctly and well-lit. Although many of today's photogs -- who grew up shooting by looking through a cramped iPhone screen -- can record your wedding, there's simply no compression algorithm for professional, real-world experience. Anter Images has photographed well over 100 weddings -- and that hard-earned experience is simply irreplaceable.


Why does Anter Images photograph only weddings?

Simple: the more distinct your need, the more narrow you should go for expertise. If you needed laser eye surgery, you wouldn't go to a general practitioner, would you? The same is true for your wedding -- it's just too important to trust your wedding to someone who does an average job photographing babies, football teams, landscapes and corporate events -- oh, and weddings, too. No, you want a serious professional who specializes in weddings. Anter Images only photographs weddings.

What is "photographic storytelling?"

Anter Images writes the story of your wedding -- only I use a camera instead of a pen. In addition to being a professional photographer, I'm also a writer with a master's degree in communication and I understand the power of the narrative -- your wedding narrative. I also pay close attention to the details that make up your story. For example, it's the mom whose tears start to flow when she first sees her daughter-bride. It's the four-year-old flower girl picking up her even younger brother to help him reach the water fountain. It's the grandma lovingly giving you marriage advice. It's the groom when he secretly whisks his bride off to a discreet location for a tender moment. Importantly, when I see something that uniquely and visually adds to your story, I'll capture the raw and beautiful emotion of that moment-in-time. I'll even re-create it if I have to -- as long as you get the images that, together, elegantly tell the story of your wedding, your love, your day.

How does Anter Images do "photographic storytelling?'

It's simple: we talk. And then, based on that conversation, I look at your wedding from two different and important ways, including first a Historical perspective and, second, from a "Day Of" perspective. From a Historical perspective, I'll ask you questions such as: how and where you met; your favorite places and things; activities, causes or beliefs that inspire you; family members, friends and other couples holding special significance to your relationship. Then, we discuss if, how and when we might be able to incorporate any of these elements into your final product. For instance, if you met in an elevator, I might recommend someplace that has a vintage elevator and get creative with images at that location. Or, for example, if your sister or father has been especially important in your life as individuals or as a couple, I'll work to incorporate them into certain special images. From a "Day Of" perspective, we'll discuss how you'll want your wedding day story told visually. Maybe that includes a special "first look" image; or a theme you're seeking to incorporate; your unique vows; a letter you'll read to each other; your comedic sensibilities; a special flower girl you'll want me to highlight -- anything that's important to your day will be important to me photographically. Whatever your history, whatever your wedding day holds, I'll work with you to ensure that I've captured and told your story visually, beautifully and in a way evokes emotions every time you look at your images.

Explain your "stunning images" claim.​

Don't take my word for it. Rather, take the advice of one of the world's most decorated wedding photographers: Scott Robert Lim
(see Lim's 
bio here). Lim, who is a Sony Artisan, was voted one of the World's Top 10 Wedding Photographers, won the prestigious Kodak Award and who has earned more than 70 international awards, provided this endorsement of Doug Anter and Anter Images:

Doug Anter is a master storyteller with the camera -- he just sees things that other photographers
routinely miss. I've personally trained him and his photographic product is both emotionally captivating
and technically excellent, which is not easy to do. He's also a lot of fun to be around, which helps draw
out your beauty, your joy and your emotion on the most important day of your life. If you value great
photography -- and you should -- along with a great wedding vendor experience, book Anter Images
now before your date goes to some other couple. You won't regret it.

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