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Why Anter Images


You just got engaged. Congratulations. But now what?


So many decisions. You are pretty solid on where you'll get married, who will marry you and where you'll party the night away. And, you already have the guest list mostly narrowed down.


But the photographer? Well, that's another thing altogether. Seems there are so many choices and so many unknowns. For example: whom to choose, how much to budget, what style fits your personality?


But, this much is certain: You. Love. Great. Photography.


And, you know deep down that timeless wedding images will evoke happy emotions and feelings of gratitude for you, your spouse and everyone who matters for generations to come.


Your wedding is a life-defining and joyous moment-in-time that deserves to be chronicled by an expert artist who focuses solely on weddings -- ideally one with decades of experience.


Anter Images tells your wedding story -- beautifully. We just happen to use a camera instead of a pen when writing that story. 

And, we deliver classic, artful (and even edgy) photographs,
easy-to-understand packages and a fun-to-be-around photographer who'll partner with you every step of the way.


Call us at 872.222.6837 to see if your date is still available.

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