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The best match: couples who value great photography

I work best with couples who place an inordinately high value on their wedding photography. For these couples, one of the first vendors -- if not the absolute first -- they'll engage with is the photographer. That's how much they care about their images.

Let's be brutally honest: there are a lot of things to consider when planning your wedding, right? In addition to the photography, there's the food, the location, whether to do a destination wedding, whether you should invite that

one crazy cousin, the florist, the cake, the registry, the invitations, the shower, the wedding planner, the bridal party, gifts for your bridal party, the bachelor(ette) party, the dress shopping, the dress purchase, the dress sizings, the dress seamstress, the dress -- well, the list goes on, as you well know.

You've got to prioritize, right? And, by definition, everything can't be top priority, right?

Whatever you value the most will typically be acted on first and be given the highest priority -- because, that's the one thing that's gotta come through as expected or even better than expected. That's the decision you'll act on first to ensure you get the right person to do the job you want.

Maybe, for example, you value the location as your highest priority -- such as a winery or a golf course overlooking Seattle or Puget Sound. Maybe you're a foodie who also likes to hike, and thus, the culinary consideration

at a place overlooking, say, Mount Rainer, takes priority. Maybe you're strong on a certain theme, and then all those details take top honors.

But, maybe -- just maybe -- you value photography the most. Maybe you're taking the long view, knowing that the images your photographer creates will last forever. Yeah, that couple. That's the couple I want. Because that's the couple with whom I'd work the best.

Look: it'll be fun. Shouldn't dealing with all your vendors be fun?

We'll share ideas. We'll brainstorm. You'll tell me your story -- hell, your stories -- how you met, what attracted you to each other, how important family is to you, why you chose each other, how he/she first asked you out, that uniquely favorite characteristic of your mate that makes this whole marriage thing all worthwhile.

Then, I'll take what we discuss and weave together a photographic narrative visually telling your unique story. The way you want it told. The way that highlights the best possible you, the best possible couple. In love. Forever.

With pictures.

Wrapped in emotion.

Beautifully delivered.

Remember, good vendors don't just take your business; good vendors interview you as much as you interview them. I actually interview couples and will turn down business if I don't feel we're a

good fit. I will only partner with couples who know what they want visually.

They have a style, they have a story. And, they care very much how that story is curated.

They not only want to see their emotions in pictures, but they also want to feel those emotions. Again and again. For decades -- every time they look at those images. They want to be instantly transported to that day. To their day. To the day they said "I do."

So, if you'll pardon my bluntness, it's entirely possible we just might not be a good fit. Unless, that is, you're among the 10 percent or so of couples who value great photography above everything else.

But if you are among that 10 percent, let's talk.

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