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You're more beautiful than Kate Upton

You're already more beautiful than Kate Upton. Or Charlize Theron. Or Anne Hathaway. Or … well, you get the picture.

Even if you haven't been selected by People magazine for its annual "Most

Beautiful" issue, please know this:

You. Already. Are. Beautiful.

Yes, even without a single speck of makeup.

In fact, what's most beautiful about you -- at least as it relates to your wedding -- is the beauty that exists in your personal story. Your story of the achievements you've made and the tests you've overcome. The people you've loved. Those who've loved you. Of family. Of friends.

And, well, of just you.

It's your story that, in pictures, matters most. And, it's beautiful. Beautiful because it's uniquely yours.

You tell it. I just reveal it. With pictures.

Beautiful pictures of you and your new spouse. At the locations most important to you. With the people you love.

Most importantly, I'll reveal that beauty as evidenced in your joy as a wedded couple on the most important day of your new life.

Anter Images gets to know you before a single shutter is clicked. I want to know what you value. What makes you smile so beautifully. What makes you

not smile. What moves you at a soul level. What makes you laugh. What makes you cry.

Then, I will artfully help you tell that story with elegant, intimate, classic images -- evoking emotions for generations.

Just bring yourself, bring your spouse-to-be and tell me your story. I'll handle the rest, exposing your beauty and telling your story -- all in pictures.

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